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We're at youth camp this week with our Junior High students. We're at a campground that is "out in the sticks" so the internet access and cell phone service is a bit limited. In light of that, I've set a couple blogs to post this week and I thought I'd start out with some link love. Here's some stuff off the web that I thought worthy of passing on. Check it out.

  • Check out the blog Stuff Christians Like. Absolutely hilarious! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read.
  • I have the ABSOLUTE BEST student worship leader on the planet. He is insanely talented and does a great job serving in our ministry. Now he's started blogging. Watch out world, Michael Pittman is coming! Check out his blog here.
  • Ben Arment had a post about "slow motion decision making" that really resonated with me. Check it out here. I think there is something to this.
  • Perry Noble, pastor of Newspring Church in Anderson, SC, shared this post about leadership environments that he wanted to be in. It's really good stuff and it challenged me to evaluate my relationships with those who've been where I've been, who are where I'm at, and who are where I want to be.
  • Cole Phillips, pastor of The Connection Church in Kyle, TX, shared the following video. I grew up enthralled by The Wonder Years and this Joe Cocker tune was the theme song. I know it by heart. And this is also one of my dad's favorite songs of all time. I can remember growing up hearing him sing (yell) it from the other side of the house. But this video takes a "different" approach to the song...Hope you enjoy.

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