It's Who We Are...

This week our students will be serving all over our community in our 3rd annual Mission LTX. Basically, Mission LTX is a week where our students spend their days doing whatever they can to share the love of God in practical, real ways with our community of Lockhart, TX (hence the LTX).

A big group of our student ministry, along with a few youth workers, will be doing tons of stuff to help connect the people in our neighborhoods with the God who loves them. We'll be ministering to children and teens in backyard Bible clubs throughout apartment complexes and neighborhoods. We're helping a family clean up after a fire has wreaked havoc on their home and their lives. We'll be painting some houses, handing out bottled water, cleaning up some yards...basically, we've opened ourselves up to do whatever we can to serve the people of our community and show them the love of God.

In a blog a few days ago Perry Noble talked about the calling of the church to "serve people into the kingdom." That is what we are about this week. And my prayer and challenge to my students and our ministry is not that serving others would be something we do. Rather, it would be who we are.

One of our freshman girls told me Monday afternoon that what we were doing (tearing down burned sheetrock) was way more fun than sitting at home and watching tv. It's a lot more important too. I couldn't agree more.

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