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I have the blessing of having some incredibly gifted people on my team. One of those people is Jonathan Mobley (or Jmob to our crew). He is one of our student ministry interns and he specializes in everything technology. Seriously, if it is media or technology related I don't even attempt to answer it or try it. I just sick Jmob on it. Basically, we give him worse than terrible equipment, no money, and hardly any time and he makes the magic happen - whether it's design, video, running sound...he makes it happen. Check out his blog on the right of this page and check out these videos he's done for us this summer. The first is a brief highlight video of our Mission Arlington mission trip from a couple of weeks ago. The second is an intro video we play for our summer series ("You Make The Call") at our midweek student gathering. Check 'em out.

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Anonymous said...

oh snap. this dude is good. what's his contact info so i can offer him a move to atlanta.

-Louie Giglio