Mission LTX Update

This has been a tiring, hot, exhausting, work-filled, sleepless, INCREDIBLE week. Our students have dominated this week. They have taken seriously what it means to BE the church and have swarmed our community with the love of God.

We've painted houses, helped demo houses, landscaped, lead Backyard Bible Clubs at apartment complexes, and still have more to do. Through our words, our action, our work ethic, and our sweat we have said over and over to our community "God loves you and we do to!" That has been the message we have hoped and prayed would be communicated this week. And I think it is being heard.

On Wednesday morning I had a great conversation with one of the apartment managers where we are doing one of our Backyard Bible Clubs (We call them Rainbow Express - Thanks Mission Arlington!). She was new to this complex and at first was a little hesitant about the whole deal. But since we arrived on Monday she has really been blown away by what is going on. She shared with me that on Tuesday morning the owner's rep was there inspecting the property and watched our Rainbow Express team work with the children at the complex for a while. She was so impressed she contacted the owners and they asked us to go to another complex in town that they own and do the same thing next week! Of course we are all over that, so we'll be doing another Rainbow Express next week at a new location. The manager also told me that they have been so impressed with how our students have served that they are open to other ministries we might want to do at these complexes as well.

Wow. God is good. He knows exactly what he is doing. Last week we weren't even sure if we would be allowed at this apartment when Monday morning rolled around they were so hesitant of what we were doing. Now they want us here every week. God is moving. And it is amazing to just get out of the way and enjoy the ride.

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