The Weekend Update...

INCREDIBLE weekend. Here's the recap, bulletin style:
  • Friday night, Johanna, myself, and a few students from our ministry in Lockhart headed to Kyle to the Chris Sligh concert. It was a great night. Good food at Chilis. Great concert at the PAC. Some of the best company on the planet.
  • Saturday we headed back to Kyle for a Current meeting. That's the quarterly leadership meeting at The Connection Church for any and all volunteers and ministry leaders.
  • Saturday afternoon Jo and I met with a lady about leasing her house...And we signed a lease! We actually have a place to move into at the end of this month...and it has a hot tub!
  • Sunday was spent being involved at TCC...ALL DAY. We spent the morning at the worship service at the PAC, the afternoon golfing with some guys from one of the small groups, and the evening getting a taste of what the Surge Jr. High ministry is all about...FANTASTIC DAY!

As you can see, the weekend was packed. But it was a blast! Now, it's time to follow it up with a great week!

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