Link "Love"...

My friend David Stippick recently started blogging. From time to time I throw out link love and he's been giving me a pretty hard time about leaving him out. In turn, I've been holding off showing him any link love simply in spite.

Well, the ban is over. Today I read Stippick's blog and he wrote one of the most incredible blogs I've ever read in the form of a letter to his future wife. It is a MUST READ. Click here now to read it.

I absolutely love my wife. I am a pretty romantic guy. I love making her feel like the most incredible woman on this planet. And in light of all these things, I wish I had written this blog. It's good. Really good. (Except for the part about watching chick flicks and reading romantic novels...that's scary.)

So Stippick, here's your link love bro. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovin' bro!