The Weekend Update...

Sorry for the blogging silence folks. Between speaking at a retreat this past weekend, getting stuff packed, and trying to get ready to move it has been beyond crazy this past week. This week holds more craziness as we make our actual move to Kyle, so the blogging may be spotty this week too, but I know it will pick up after that. With that said, here's a recap of the weekend.
  • Friday Johanna, myself, and a couple of our students from Lockhart spent the morning and early afternoon getting stuff ready for our garage sale that Johanna held on Saturday.
  • Friday afternoon I headed out to Camp Travis outside of Austin, TX on Lake Travis. I spent the weekend speaking at FUEL weekend for Randy Moore and the students of Millwood Baptist Church. Even though Randy had to leave early for some family stuff, it was a really good weekend. Pray for Randy and his family and pray for the students of Millwood as they start school this week.
  • Sunday was spent gettilng acclimated some more with all things The Connection Church. I absolutely love this place and am honored to be able to serve on the TCC team!
  • Speaking of Sunday, Cole knocked it out of the park with his sermon. At TCC we use hell as a motivation because we don't want people to spend eternity there. And in his words, "If that means we charge the gates with water guns, that's what we'll do!"

I'm hoping to blog a little more consistently this week, but the packing and moving craziness is in full swing. If I'm not back on my regular blogging schedule this week, it'll hit back up next week for sure. Thanks for your patience...

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