The Weekend Update...

Here's a recap of the weekend. Let me just forewarn you that it mostly involves moving. If you're hatred for moving is as big as mine, you might want to skip this post...

  • Thursday night the moving began. My friend Brett Scott and I moved a couple of small loads to get started.

  • Friday Johanna and I spent most of the day packing. My brother drove in from Houston Friday night and he and I packed all of our junk that would fit into a 26 ft. Uhaul. We had a good time hanging out, but both of us would've preferred different circumstances for our chats.

  • Saturday we moved the Uhaul stuff and a few other loads to Kyle. We had some GREAT folks from The Connection Church help us out. We even had some friends from TCC mow our lawn while we were picking up more stuff. Gotta' love that! Thanks to all who helped out!

  • Sunday was an incredible day at TCC. Cole knocked it out of the park on Sunday morning.

  • Sunday night we had Surge, our middle school ministry. It turned into an all-out water war, with water balloons flying everywhere.

  • Monday we spent just relaxing and running a few errands after the move. Monday evening we went to The Salt Lick with some friends to celebrate Joe's birthday. It was a blast!

Like I said, our weekend revolved around moving. Labor day weekend really was filled with labor. And my back is sore to prove it...

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