Youth Worker Appreciation Day...

Youth Specialties has declared tomorrow, September 6th National Youth Worker Appreciation Day. I love that. I've been involved in Student Ministry my entire adult life. I got my first youth ministry job at the age of 18 and have breathed that as a lifestyle ever since. I'm glad there are folks like Youth Specialties that recognize the hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and all out effort that youth workers pour into ministering to students. Don't get me wrong...I know there are some lazy Youth Pastors and volunteers. That goes with every profession. And that infuriates me because they give those of us who are doing everything we can to storm the gates of hell for the lives of students a bad name. But I have had the privilege of knowing, befriending, and working with some incredible youth pastors and youth workers. My last team was simply amazing. The team I have now at TCC is fantastic. So tomorrow if you have any youth pastors or youth workers in your circle of influence be sure and tell them thanks. I know it will mean a lot.

On a slightly related note, my friend and fellow blogger Terrace Crawford has been having some awesome give-a-ways on his blog in honor of National Youth Worker Day and I was yesterday's winner! He hooked me up and you can read about it here. Thanks for all you do to support and encourage your fellow youth workers Terrace!

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Brett said...

As your friend and fellow youth minister (whom you sent nothing to for NYWAD) I'm expecting you to forwards whatever you won on to me. Especially since I'm not sure if you count anymore in this category.