Catalyst Recap - Part One...

I spent a couple days last week at the Catalyst Conference. It was absolutely incredible. 12,000 "next generation" leaders all in one place, at one time. It was challenging. It was stretching. It was good stuff. I thought I'd share a few highlights of what some of the speakers shared throughout the two day event. Catalyst was like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant, so understand that this is just a small portion of what was shared. I'm planning on posting a few blogs to at least cover a main thought or two that each speaker shared. Here are the first couple:

Andy Stanley: Louder Than Words
  • We must lead from moral authority. Moral authority comes from a balance between our creed and our deeds.
  • We must show moral authority in the areas of forgiveness, family, and finances.
  • In talking about balancing family and ministry: "Prioritize the role that no one else can play over the role that many others can play." Anybody can be a church's pastor. You're the only husband and father your family has!
  • In regards to finances: "It's simple. Give. Save. Live on the rest."
  • If you want to lead generous people, be a generous person.

William Paul Young, Author of The Shack

  • God has an affection that is relentless in our direction.
  • God heals us not so that he can use us, but because He loves us. And then He invites us to play.

Jim Collins: Good To Great

  • Good is the enemy of great. Good is what keeps us from being great.
  • Greatness is not a function of the cards we're dealt. It's a function of choice and discipline.
  • We are more likely to die from indigestion of too much opportunity than from starvation of it.
  • You have to prepare for what you cannot predict.
  • Shared this quote his mentor told him: "You spend way too much time trying to be interesting. Try spending more time being interested."
  • If you have a "to-do" list, you should also have a "stop doing" list.

Steven Furtick: From the Promise to the Payoff

  • This was by far one of my favorite sessions at Catalyst. Furtick exudes passion and authority. The brother can straight up bring it too - old school style!
  • Hold on to what you hear from God even when you can't see it.
  • First comes the promise. Then there is a process before the payoff.
  • Be faithful in the process!
  • God is preparing you for what He's preparing for you.
  • Don't forfeit the payoff by being unfaithful in the process.

I know this blog post is longer than normal, but there was just so much good stuff at Catalyst. I'll be posting at least one more Catalyst Recap post, if not two more. So check back here for more Catalyst goodness.

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