Link Love...

It's time for some link love! Check out the following links to be challenged, stretched, informed, and entertained. There's a little something for everyone.

  • Our Lead Pastor Cole Phillips proved he could "take one for the team" at the Catalyst Conference. Read his account of this life-risking event here and check out Zak's blog here to see a video of the event.

  • My friend David Brown posted this fantastic blog of what rap music should be. Trust me, it's dope. It even includes some old school, phat Youtube videos. You've gotta' check this out!

  • Ben Arment posted this blog about "stepping away from the photoshop" - seeking help and forming a team.

  • Steven Furtick shared this thought from his wife Holly. It's a good reminder to all of us as pastors about how much is on the line with our character.

  • Brad Ruggles posted 3 Ways To Become A Generous Giver. If you are a pastor or leader in ministry and you want to lead generous people, do you know what the key is? Be generous yourself.

  • Tony Morgan posted this video clip of his pastor, Perry Noble, asking the question, "Are you settling for crumbs?" It is a great illustration and if you are a lady, especially a single lady, you need to check it out. Now.

  • And finally...you've got to check out this blog by one of the coolest 6th graders I know. Keep blogging Kenzie!

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