Catalyst Recap - Part Three...

Here is the third and final post in the recap of my experience at the Catalyst Conference. You can read the first post here and the second post here. Here's a recap of the final few sessions and some thoughts I took away from Catalyst:

Andy Crouch: Culture Making
  • We need to move from condemning, critiquing, copying, and consuming culture and begin cultivating and creating culture. This is what God originally asked us to do.
  • We need to take what is already good and help keep it good.
  • Ask 3 questions: What are you cultivating? What are you creating? Who is in your creative circle?

Matt Chandler

  • Our churches are filled with people who come to church, have been baptized, and know all ABOUT Jesus, but don't know Him.
  • If you are using Jesus to grow a big church, have a great marriage, or become wealthy, then you are an idolater.
  • The gospel is that you get Jesus and Jesus is enough.
  • You can't teach what you're not doing. As a leader, your church will be weak where you are weak.
  • There is a way to teach and live that allows men to see what the gospel is and what the gospel is not.

Andy Stanley: Recent Random Thoughts On Leadership

  • Andy shared the following quotes and then his take away from each quote. We had to leave this session early because the conference was running late and we had to catch our flight. Some of these notes have been copied from other sites.
  • "To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing." - Craig Groeschel. Andy's Take Away: Become preoccupied with those you haven't reached as opposed to those you are trying to keep.
  • "The Next Generation product almost never comes from the previous generation." - Al Reis. Andy's Take Away: Be a student, not a critic.
  • "What do I believe is impossible in my field...but if it could be done would fundamentally change my business?" - Joel Barker. Andy's Take Away: Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules.
  • "If we got kicked out and the board brought in a new CEO, what would he do? Why shouldn't we walk out the door, come back in, and do it ourselves?" - Andy Grove. Andy's Take Away: Acknowledge what's not working and own up to why you are unable to do anything about it.
  • "When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near." - Michael Hammer. Andy's Take Away: Don't let the past overshadow your future.

That concludes the recap of speakers throughout the conference. As far as my closing thoughts on Catalyst here they are:

  • Catalyst does it right. Absolutely incredible experience. I was challenged, inspired, stretched, and all for the better.
  • Aaron Keyes might be the most passion-filled worship leader I have ever seen. This guy is not simply a singer or musician. He is a worshipper. Of all the incredible talent on the Catalyst stage, Aaron Keyes stole the show in my opinion. Amazing talent and heart for God. You need to check him out right now.
  • I had a great time hanging out at the Blogger's Dinner hosted by Brad Ruggles. It was great to meet some new peeps and hang out. Thanks Brad!
  • Catalyst doesn't simply focus on great speakers. It's all about the experience. From the moment you exit the interstate to head to the arena, they begin to create an experience for the particpants. Most churches could learn a lot from this.
  • There were some awesome ministries represented at Catalyst. Of course, one of my favorite organizations, Compassion was there. But you should also check out Trade As One, the new rockumentary Call and Response about human trafficking, Hoops of Hope, and Samaritan's Purse to name a few.
  • Billy Graham was given the Catalyst Lifetime Achievement Award. Due to his age and health issues, he couldn't be there to accept in person so his son, Franklin, accepted the award on his behalf. There will be thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people in heaven because of Billy Graham. This was one well-deserved award.
  • Overall, Catalyst was a fantastic experience. If you are a leader, especially in ministry or the church, it is a definite must-attend conference. You need to be there. Do whatever it takes to make it happen. I know I'll be back next year.

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Brad Ruggles said...

Catalyst was awesome. It was great meeting you at the Blogger meetup. That was a fun night. And I agree about some of the organizations represented at Catalyst this year. I was really very interested in the documentary CALL + RESPONSE. I'd love to organize a showing in my city.