The Week That Was...

My blog has been silent this week and I apologize. But I do have a good excuse (I think). I had one of my wisdom teeth surgically removed on Monday. That meant that last week was filled with a bit of pain and a lot of pain-killers…And just trust me when I say that it probably isn’t best for me to share my thoughts with the world in that state! So instead of my normal Weekend Update, here’s a look at the whole week that was…quick, fast, and in-a-hurry.

  • Monday I had one of my wisdom teeth taken out. It ended up being a lot bigger thing than originally thought because of how impacted the tooth was. Needless to say, it’s not been one of the funnest moments of my life!
  • I bach-ed it (as in “bachelor”) most of the week. Johanna spent Tuesday through Friday with family in D.C. I miss my wife TREMENDOUSLY when we’re apart for that long!
  • Friday night we had our first BIG student ministry event. We hosted a Post Game Bash for students following the Hays and Lehman football game. We had free food, games, and a rockin’ concert by SOUNDWAVE. We got to make contact with a ton of students and it was a GREAT NIGHT.
  • This weekend I got to spend time with some of my former youth and now great friends Jordan, Kaylen, and Daniel. Jo & I absolutely love getting to spend time with them and cherish every chance we get to share life together.
  • Sunday was a great day at TCC. The band was ROCKIN’ and pulled off an awesome version of Toby Mac’s Lose My Soul. Cole knocked it out of the park with the message. Honestly, a couple of his illustrations communicated why we should honor God with our finances better than any I have ever heard! You can watch the entire service here so go and check it out!

I’ve got some posts that have been brewing in the brain so be sure to check back this week for a more regular routine of bloggage. But for now, I’m out.

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