The Weekend That Was...

Here's a recap of a weekend in the life of the Burleson's. Check it:
  • We kicked off the weekend by spending most of Friday cleaning house. I abosutely hate cleaning...but I love that we got to rearrange the living room so that my old recliner is now included!
  • Friday night we got to hang out with the White's and Johanna made some of her incredible chicken fried rice...Great friends. Great food.
  • Saturday Jo and I slept in and then headed to Austin to look at baby stuff. We think we might have finally found a baby bed...now we just have to pay for it!
  • Sunday was an incredible day at TCC. Cole's message was great and we had a ton of first time guests.
  • Sunday afternoon we got to have lunch and hang out with Daniel, Jenna, and Jmob. I love the people God has placed in our lives that we get to "do life" with.

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Mike said...

Before you pay for a baby bed, we have a baby bed that we'd be happy to give you. If you would like to see if it meets your needs, respond to reidmd@hotmail.com and I will give you my phone number or you can look up the number in the connection church files. I want to avoid listing my number on a public blog.


Mike Reid