Lessons from Nickelback

I’ll go ahead and admit it: I’m a huge fan of Nickleback. I love their sound. Besides Texas Country, the music that makes up dirty, Southern rock may be my favorite. Their All The Right Reasons album is one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s full of positive, challenging lyrics and straight up dirty Southern rock. Unfortunately, with the exception of a couple great songs, their newest album Dark Horse is dirty in a whole different way. While the music is still classic Nickelback southern rock, the lyrics are anything but positive and challenging. But the real reason for this blog is not to share the greatness of Nickelback. I just wanted to share their video Savin’ Me as a tool to talk about another subject entirely. So watch this video, then continue below:

The concept of this video is simple: Once you get "saved" you're able to see the urgency at which others need to be saved. After their lives are saved, they are able to see that in reality we’re all eventually going to need to be saved. As Christ-followers - those of us who’ve experienced the forgiveness and love of Jesus - would we act with any more urgency if we could see “countdown clocks” above the heads of our families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are living apart from a life-giving, saving relationship with Jesus? If we could see the countdown of their lives quickly fading away would we share the love and hope of Jesus with any more urgency? Would we be any more passionate about sharing the saving love of a God who saved us? I would certainly hope so. But the truth is this. Deep down, we all know that life in general is on a countdown. Our families, friends, and neighbors are only given so long to live…just like us. And the truth is that our clocks are counting down. But are we acting with urgency to share the love of a saving God? Or are we wasting our lives focused on things that don’t matter beyond and fade away?

When we fail to share the love of Jesus with the people God’s placed in our lives who don’t know Him, then we are LITERALLY saying to them, “Go to Hell.” Maybe it would be easier if we could see the clocks counting down…or maybe we’d still find ways to divert our eyes to things that are less convicting…

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Terrace Crawford said...

I love me some Nickelback. By the way, did you see that vid was uploaded by "angelinhell666"? Woah.

--Terrace Crawford