The ABCs of Why I Need A Connection Group...

I’ve been up to my elbows in Connection Group work this week! With Zak moving to plant a church in Schertz, our group’s ministry is a new area I’m leading. We had our fall training camp for group leaders last weekend. I’ve worked on other group stuff all week. Yesterday, Cole & I spent the afternoon recording leadership training sessions for our group leaders…Like I said, I’ve been up to my elbows in groups.

This Sunday, immediately following our morning celebration service at The Connection Church we’re hosting our Connection Group Expo. This is an opportunity for people within our church and community to find out information on our Connection Groups, as well as find a group that best fits them. If you’re a part of TCC and you aren’t connected to a group yet, let me encourage you to be there this weekend and find out how you can begin connecting with God and with others through our incredible Connection Groups. You may be asking yourself why you should even take the time to get plugged into a group. Well I’m glad you asked.

1. We all want to be ACCEPTED. – Let’s face it: We’re all looking for a lot of the same things in life…and one of those things is acceptance. We want to know that people will accept us and welcome us right where we are in life. We want people to accept us for who we are, without any masks or pretension. It is our desire that our Connection Groups reflect the love and acceptance of our God, who accepts us just as we are and loves us right where we’re at in life.

2. We all want a place to BELONG. – Being a part of a group gives you a place to belong. The theme song from the old TV show Cheers said it best: “You want to go where you can see your troubles are all the same. You want to go where everybody knows your name.” Our Connection Groups give you a place to belong – where you can share the ups and downs of life’s journey, where you can find friendships with people who care about you, and where you can find a group of people who are eager to share life with you.

3. We all want people to CARE. – If we’re all being honest, we want people to care about us. When life gets tough, it helps to know we’ve got a group of people who are there to fall back on, who are praying for us, who are eager to help, and who have our back in life’s tough times. Our Connection Groups allow us to build community with people who care – about us, about our lives, and about our future.

There you have it! The ABC’s of why you and I need to be in a Connection Group. If you’re not already connected, I hope this Sunday will be the day you step into a life-changing Connection Group!

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