The Weekend Update...

Here's a recap of Labor Day weekend in the Burleson household:
  • Friday we spent most of the day in Round Rock & North Austin. Johanna had been wanting to take me on my first IKEA experience so we spent a few hours roaming that monstrosity. The bonus of the day: There is a Razzoo's right next to IKEA, which just happens to have one of the finest meals on the planet: The Jaws Platter!
  • Saturday was dedicated to the greatness that is college football. I watched a lot of games this weekend and the highlight was watching the Longhorn game with Micah & Bryan. Hook 'em!
  • Sunday was a great day at TCC. Zak White, our former executive pastor and now the pastor and founder of Revolution Church shared his vision about reaching people with us on Sunday morning. Good stuff!
  • Monday was a Dadda Day for us. Johanna is a little under the weather so I took Hayden out and we spent the morning and most of the afternoon hanging out. I love spending time with Hayden! We came home mid-afternoon to hang out with Momma and spent the rest of the day lounging around the house and resting.

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