Habits of Great Group Leaders...

At The Connection Church we believe that our Connection Groups are the best place for people to experience authentic life-change, build healthy, biblical relationships, and find a place where they belong and can be cared for. That means that our Connection Group Leaders play a vital role in the health and growth of our church. So what makes a great Group Leader? I'm glad you asked.

8 Habits of Great Group Leaders:

  1. A great group leader prays daily for their group and for the individual group members.

  2. A great group leader is always looking for new people to invite to check out the group.

  3. A great group leader makes sure that group members are contacted regularly and kept informed of group happenings, schedules, and needs within the group.

  4. A great group leader spends time preparing for the group meeting so that it is the best it can possibly be.

  5. A great group leader is always in the process of raising up new leadership by mentoring a person as a co-leader.

  6. A great group leader plans activties to build community and connections within the group outside of the normal group meeting time.

  7. A great group leader is committed to their own personal spiritual growth, understanding that you cannot lead people farther than you've been.

  8. A great group leader consistently pushes the vision of seeing every person at the church connected in a group, which leads to adding healthy, growing groups each semester.

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