20 Things Im Thankful For...

Today I'll be starting a series of blog posts that will run for the next twenty days - through Thanksgiving weekend. Each day I'll be giving thanks for someone or something...Some days will be deep and introspective. Some days will be random and light. But each day I will choose to be thankful.

In our "it's-all-about-me and I've-gotta-have-more" society, gratitude is a dying virtue. We live in a world where we feel entitled to everything and owed anything we could ever want or wish for. It's a sickness. And so often that sickness results in diminishing thankfulness.

So for the next 20 days, beginning with the first post later this afternoon, I'm choosing to be thankful - for God's provisions, for His blessings, and for things and relationships I don't deserve.

So what is it that you're thankful for? Comment away.

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Anonymous said...

Thankful for early morning, 5:00 am when the kids and husband are still asleep and I have a quiet house all to myself.