Real Men Reject Passivity

This week I'm sharing some follow-up thoughts from Sunday's sermon on what it means to be a real man and follow Jesus.  (You can watch the sermon online here.)  On Sunday we talked about how Jesus was a shepherd and a warrior, and how we, as men, are called to live out those roles as well.

The final characteristic of a shepherd and warrior that we'll examine on the blog this week is this:  A warrior rejects passivity.  As men, God has called us to aggressively lead and love our families and community.  We can't make an impact if we take it east, put it on cruise control, and adopt the mindset of someone who has already "arrived."

Rejecting passivity means that we continually take the lead in living out our faith and leading our families.  There are three areas I want you to think about today.  Examine these areas of your life and if you have become passive in these areas, commit today to kill that "cruise control" mindset and begin to lead and live with intention and passion in each of these areas.

  1. Your Relationship With Your Spouse.  Don't put your marriage on cruise control.  Continually pursue your spouse - just like you did when you were first dating!  Make date night a priority and actively pour into your relationship with your wife!
  2. Your Relationship With Your Kids.  Refuse to get complacent when it comes to leading and loving your children.  Take the initiative in creating a great relationship with your kids!  They want and need you in their life - whether they always act like it or not!  Take the lead and pursue the hearts of your children.
  3. Your Faith In Jesus.  Real men love Jesus.  Plain and simple.  Don't be timid about your faith.  Don't be passive in following Jesus.  Fly the flag of Jesus proudly and boldly live our your faith as a man of God!
Men - refuse to be passive.  Refuse to be lukewarm. (You can see what God thinks about that HERE.)  Be intentional and active in pursuing your wife, pursuing the hearts of your children, and living out bold faith in Jesus!

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