Things I'm Thankful For

I am continually BLOWN AWAY by what God is doing in and through Timber Ridge Church.  This past weekend was no exception.  As I've reflected on all the incredible things God did over Easter weekend, I want to share with you some things I'm thankful for.  Here's the top 5:
  • Changed Lives! - We had 9 people that we know of commit their lives to Jesus Christ in our services on Sunday!  JESUS is changing lives through Timber Ridge Church and that FIRES ME UP!
  • Incredible Volunteers - The people of Timber Ridge worked their tails off to serve others and show them the love of Jesus this weekend!  You guys and gals ROCK!  Every single one of you!
  • The mEGGa Hunt - I'm still a little shell shocked about the crazy-awesome number of people that showed up at The mEGGa Hunt!  We got to serve and love on around 2,500 people through our first ever community Easter egg hunt.  Yeah!
  • Easter Sunday at Timber Ridge - 359 people joined us for one of our worship experiences on Easter Sunday.  For that kind of response in a 7 month old church, I am extremely grateful to God for His movement in people's lives and for the team of volunteers and workers that make this vision a reality each week!
  • My Amazing Family - No one knows what the families of pastors have to deal with when their husband leads a church.  My wife and son make BIG sacrifices leading up to a big weekend like this.  Sacrifices of time, their own agendas, having me gone a ton, constantly working on ministry projects, etc.  I'm thankful that they are ALL IN on this journey with me!

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