6 Lessons From This Presidential Election

It's 11:15 PM and I've been watching the election coverage on various news stations for a little more than two hours now. I've also been following the thoughts/posts/idea of my friends in social media circles tonight and the past few weeks in regards to this election.

Here are 6 Lessons We Can Learn From This Election:

1.  Regardless of who is our President, Jesus is our King. While my temporal citizenship is in the United States, my eternal citizenship is in the Kingdom.

2.  Jesus is the hope of the world and the church is his chosen delivery method. With a nation in the midst of turmoil and great need, what an incredible opportunity for the church to serve the world and be the agent of hope, love, and light that God intended for us to be.

3.  People on both sides of this presidential election have GROSSLY misused God's Word to prove their points. I'm not sure I have ever seen Hebrews 13 more mishandled in all my life, mostly by people who know better - or at least should.

4.  The Bible seems to be pretty clear that God has a hand in the placement of the leaders of the nations.  And it's clearly communicated that we are to pray for our leaders.  As Christ followers, we should pray for God's leadership, grace, and direction for their lives.

5.  People on both sides of this presidential election who claim to follow Jesus follow a political ideology far closer than they follow the King. I'm saddened by the hatred and lack of love that we have shown each other and the message we have shown the world.

6.  Regardless of who is elected President, we still live in a nation where we are supremely blessed. The freedoms, choices, and liberties we have in America are unbelievable.

Just my two cents worth...Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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Becky Dilbone said...

Well said..as usual!