A Letter To My Timber Ridge Family...3 Ways To Prep For Easter

Timber Ridgers,

To say that I am excited about the opportunity we have this weekend might be the understatement of the year!  I honestly believe that Jesus is going to change lives through our outreach efforts and our Easter Sunday services at Timber Ridge.  I'm pumped about what we'll get to experience together this weekend!

Here are 3 very significant ways that you can prepare to be a part of this life-changing Easter weekend:

#1:  Invite, Invite, Invite. Make it a priority to invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you this Sunday for Easter at Timber Ridge.  They'll have a great experience and hear the life-changing message of Jesus!

#2: Pray, Pray, Pray. Pray for good weather for The mEGGa Hunt. Pray for people to respond to the invitation to come to church on Sunday. Pray and ask God to change lives on Easter Sunday.

#3: Move, Move, Move. If you regularly attend Timber Ridge, you know that the 10AM service seems to be everyone's favorite. If you attend this service, consider moving to the 8:45 or 11:30 service this Sunday in order to make more room for our guests. If you just have to be on the Timber Ridge campus at 10:00, you can always sign up to volunteer somewhere for that service!

I'm expecting our BIG God to move in BIG ways this weekend...and I'm glad you're a part of this incredible movement of God!

Pastor Nic

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