2 Things Storm Victims Need

Our neighbors in Granbury, TX and further north in Moore, OK have been hit hard in the last few days with devastating tornadoes. It's in times like these that we can feel helpless to aid those who are hurting.

There are two things that we can all do to love our neighbors during these tragic times.

  1. PRAY.  Don't just say you'll pray.  Really pray. Ask God to heal the physical and emotional pain that people are going through. Pray that God would bring peace and comfort in a time of turmoil and pain.
  2. GIVE. The victims of these storms need our prayers...but they also need our CASH. Give generously to those in need, remembering that every single dollar counts. Together, our small donations can make a big impact.
If you are looking for somewhere to give that is trusted, reliable, and where your money will go directly to meet immediate needs, I suggest two places.
  • Convoy Of Hope - Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, disaster relief organization that has served more than 55 million people in need since 1994. They are nationally reputable, trusted, and on the ground now in Oklahoma.
  • North American Mission Board - NAMB is one of the most trusted, recognized organizations providing disaster relief in our country. They make every dollar count and have teams in Oklahoma on the ground now.
I can speak from experience that when we give to these organizations, it makes the most of our money & directly goes to helping people on the ground in these affected areas.

If you live locally and would like to make a difference by PRAYING and GIVING, I invite you join me this Thursday, May 23rd at 12 Noon at Beans and Franks at 1296 W. Washington.  Timber Ridge Church and Beans & Franks are partnering together to host a PRAYER TIME at noon on Thursday.  In addition to the time of prayer, if you wish to dine at Beans & Franks, a portion of all proceeds will be donated directly to the Oklahoma tornado relief efforts through Convoy of Hope.  Timber Ridge Church will also match the donation dollar for dollar.

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