Timber Ridge Kids Weekly Take Home

Timber Ridge Parents,
If you missed this announcement last week, one of the great new things that our Kids Team is doing is providing a "take home" family discussion for our KidRidge (K-6th Grade) kids each week.  It's a fantastic resource for parents to use to engage their kids in discussions about God, the Bible, and faith.

Here's this week's Take Home Guide from Neely & Sabrina Carter and the KidRidge Team:

Last week, we introduced our vision and our 4 expectations. Our vision is to model for and teach kids this simple lesson: God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. Our expectations are:

1. Listen now, talk later.

2. Keep your nametag and bracelet on.

3. Put others first.

4. Make a new friend.

This week we talked about keeping your name tag and bracelet on. You might be curious as to why we think that is important. Well, think for a moment about some things that you teach your children and expect of them to help keep them safe. If you are having trouble thinking of some, click here for a video to get you started.

#1: Discuss some of your family rules and why you have them.

At KidRidge, we expect your child's nametag and bracelet to stay on so we can call them by name and so we ensure, during the checkout process, that the right person gets the right child. It's a safety issue. 

It's also a matter of setting an example for others, especially our guests. If kids see others not meeting our expectations, they'll do the same. That reminds me of a Bible Verse. 

#2: Read 1 Timothy 4:12 with your children. Or you can just watch this video:

#3: Discuss the following questions as a family:
  • What do you respond better to? Someone modeling the behavior they want you to display or just talking about it?
  • What are some ways adults sometimes fail at setting an example or modeling in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity? 
  • What are some things you as a family can do this week to model speech, life, love, faith, and purity that would please God?  

As a bonus, if you want to check out this week's KidRidge Countdown video including some of the songs we sing, check out this:

It's an honor to serve your kids & teach them about God each week!

- Neely & Sabrina Carter and The KidRidge Team

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