My Best Gift - Prayer Guide

This Sunday, Dec. 15th, at Timber Ridge Church we will be receiving our My Best Gift Christmas Offering. Basically, we believe that if Christmas really is all about Jesus, then our best and most generous gift ought to be given to Him. Because of that, we receive a Christmas Offering every year where 100% of the contributions go to serving the world globally and planting churches that will reach others for Jesus. You can read all about this year's projects and the My Best Gift offering by clicking here.

I'd love for you to join me this week in praying for God to work in big ways and that our church would accomplish our goal of $15,000 for the My Best Gift offering.

Here are some specific ways you can pray each day:

My Best Gift Week of Prayer

Monday: Pray for movement. Ask God to have his Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of our people this week. Ask that God would begin moving in people's hearts and lives to lead them to be generous givers.

Tuesday: Pray for church planting. Pray for the church plants that will be supported through the My Best Gift offering. Pray that these new churches would reach thousands of people for the Kingdom.

Wednesday: Pray for blessings. Ask God to bless our people and give them the eyes and hearts to see that they are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Thursday: Pray for the school we've adopted overseas. At Timber Ridge, we've adopted a poor, rural school in Vietnam and we will be using the My Best Gift offering for construction projects there over Spring Break.

Friday: Pray for our goal. Pray today and ask God to let us not only meet our goal of $15,000 but to exceed the goal so that more people can be reached and more lives can be changed.

Saturday: Pray for risk. Ask God to lead people to take a big risk of faith in their giving toward the My Best Gift offering.

Sunday: Pray for obedience and action. Pray that our people would respond generously as God leads them.

Thank you for praying for our My Best Gift Christmas Offering. And if you'd like to participate in the offering, you can do so safely and securely online by clicking here.

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