3 Reasons Dad Should Plan A Family Christmas Calendar

Dads, can I let you in on something that I've done for the past few years for our family that has been incredibly beneficial during the holiday season? Here it is: Planning a Christmas calendar.

Planning a Christmas calendar can be super beneficial for your family and your loved ones. Here are 3 reason why I believe every dad should plan a Christmas calendar:

#1: Leading is your job. Can I be blunt with you men? You are called to lead your family. It's your responsibility. It's your privilege. It's your job. That includes taking the lead during family times like Christmas.

#2: Your Family Will Create Memories. Your spouse and kids won't push back on this. Why? Because for the most part, they crave having fun, memorable holiday moments that turn into lasting, life-long memories that will be shared for generations to come.

#3: It will actually lessen the stress of the season. Let's be honest: Christmas can be a time full of S-T-R-E-S-S.  Having a calendar where you've planned out the events, activities, and gatherings that are most important to your family will actually help your family keep the most significant things as a priority.

Dads - You can do this! Take some time, put some thought into it, and plan a calendar to help your family make great memories and eliminate stress this season.

(Dads, if you'd like a few generic ideas about how to plan a calendar for your family during the holiday season, check out the post called Christmas Tips for Dads by clicking here. Part of that post deals with planning a holiday calendar.)

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