More Vs. Your

There's an interesting dynamic in leadership that I've noticed in leading and in working with church planters and pastors over the last few years. Here it is: Lots of leaders want MORE responsibility.

Let's be honest: We're all busy. Our schedules are all swamped. If it's not a work meeting, it's a kid's soccer game. If it's not a soccer game, it's a neighbor's birthday party. We've over committed ourselves. It's the nature of the beast of the world in which we live.

So it's almost counter-cultural for leaders to crave more. More responsibility. More areas of ministry. More opportunities to lead and stretch themselves.

But leaders know this truth: More ministry means more impact. And that's why good leaders choose to lead in the first place. They want to make an impact. They want to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

If you're a leader who constantly finds yourself wanting more, can I offer you the very best way to get more influence, more leadership, and more responsibility in your organization, business, church, or group? 

It's a very simple principle: If you want MORE leadership be faithful in YOUR leadership.

The best way to get more influence in ministry and more opportunities to lead is to be faithful with the ministry and leadership you've already been given.

If you want MORE responsibility, then rock out YOUR responsibility.

When you're leading and raising up other leaders in a faithful and consistent way with the responsibilities you've already been given, more leadership is sure to follow.

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