Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge V.O.W (Volunteer of the Week) is Tyler Gilbert. I'll never forget the first time I met Tyler. We were still meeting at the hotel and a mutual friend had introduced Tyler and I via Facebook and recommended our church to him. He sent me a message to get some info on the church and found out we started setting up around 5:45am on Sunday mornings. A couple days later, on his first Sunday to ever check out Timber Ridge, he showed up at 5:45am to help set up chairs! He hadn't even been to a church service & he was already serving.

From the set-up team during our portable days, to currently serving in our Timber Ridge Kids ministry and on our Guest Services team, Tyler makes a big impact at Timber Ridge. He has a heart to serve others and make a difference...and that's why we keep him around even though he's an OU fan!

We love ya' Tyler! Thanks for all you do to serve God & serve others! 

Tyler & Pastor Nic

(If you attend Timber Ridge and would like to put your time and talents to use in serving God and serving others, you can get connected by clicking here.)

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timbofowler@gmail.com said...

That's how Tyler rolls...a leader AND a servant.