Whiteboard Highlights - Tim Stevens and Darrin Patrick...

Here are some more highlights from The Whiteboard Sessions. Tim Stevens is executive pastor of Grainger Community Church and just wrote an incredible book called "Pop Goes The Church." It is one of the books I am currently reading and I posted about it here. Darrin Patrick is part of the Acts 29 Network and the founding pastor of The Journey in St. Louis.

Highlights from Tim's "Big Idea":
  • In most communities, churches are not making an impact. In fact, in many cases they are getting in the way of the gospel.
  • While church growth is declining, spiritual interest in our culture is on the rise.
  • We must leverage the culture or risk losing our impact.
  • Jesus came to us and met us where we are. He communicated by using signs, symbols, and methods of the culture of the day. We should do the same.

Highlights from Darrin's "Big Idea":

  • Idols are root sins. They are the things that hide deep within our hearts.
  • You are ruled by what you worship - either the Creator or something in creation.
  • Sin happens because we treasure our idols more than we treasure our God.
  • An idol is anything in my life that occupies a place that should be occupied by God alone.
  • If you are maturing, the longer you're a Christian, the more jacked up you realize you really are.

More highlights and incredible thoughts coming from my Whiteboard notes. Just be patient.

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