Great Blog Post...

Here is another preset blog to post while I'm at the beach at youth camp. While you're reading this I'm soaking up the rays and having fun in the sun. (Actually I am probably counseling some teenager or running around trying to find one - but that's cool too!) Anyway, I read a great blog on Friday night and thought I'd pass it along. It is a GREAT post by Gary Lamb - church planter and pastor of Revolution Church in Canton, GA. Check out his blog! It's good stuff...Check out the post by clicking here. As someone who communicates regularly to a group of people, I completely understand where he is coming from. So many times people hear what they want rather than what it said. We're all guilty of it - myself included. I think churches would be a lot better off - and a lot more healthier and like God intended them to be - if people heard what pastors and leaders said, instead of what they want to here. Check out Gary's blog and his examples of this. Good stuff.

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