Some Great Quotes...

In light of sharing some link love in my last post, I thought I'd follow that up with a couple quotes that are stretching me today. Check 'em out:

"The biggest need we have in the world is not lower gas prices…and our greatest tragedy is not that Starbucks is closing 600 stores…the world needs Jesus…and it is OUR JOB as HIS CHURCH to do all that we can to take HIM to the world." - Perry Noble, Pastor, Newspring Church

"Jesus didn't die to keep us safe. He died to make us dangerous! The will of God is not an insurance plan. It's a daring plan. In fact, the will of God doesn't get easier. God gives us more difficult, daring, and dangerous things to do!" - Mark Batterson, Pastor, National Community Church

"Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell." - C.T. Studd, Missionary to China, India, & Africa, Quoted by Mark Batterson

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