It's All About The Team...

I probably shouldn't let this out, but here it goes: Before the NFL was all about the benjamins, I used to be a HUGE fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Most of my favorite NFL players have worn the 49er logo. Montana, Rice, Lott, Norton, the list goes on and on. Knowing I was a big fan back in the day, a friend sent me this via email today. It's a rant by Mike Singletary, the interim head coach of the 49ers.

Singletary nails some big truths in this clip. And here is the most important thing: It's all about the team. I am fortunate to serve on an incredible team at The Connection Church. We have a team of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach people with God's love.

And if we're playing to win, then we have to work as a team. Here's the truth: Lone-rangers rarely do anything significant for the kingdom of God. And I'm with Singletary. You cannot win with people who don't put the team first. You cannot coach with them. You cannot play with them. You cannot win with them. And we're playing for something a lot more important than winning football games. So what are YOU doing to help the team?


randman said...

Your 49'ers had to get a Baylor graduate to teach them about "team." Good thoughts.

James Cotten said...

Your pastor didn't drop his drawers before worship did he?