The Weekend Update...

Crazy weekend. Enough said. But I'll share some details anyway. Check it out.
  • This weekend was our annual Staff Advance at The Connection Church. At TCC, we never retreat! Our team spent all of Friday evening and all day Saturday dreaming about the INCREDIBLE things that God has in store for us in the upcoming year.
  • Our Staff Advance just confirmed once again what I already knew - Our Lead Pastor, Cole Phillips, in an absolutely amazing leader. I was challenged and stretched all weekend!
  • Our team spent Saturday afternoon playing paintball together. We called it "teambuilding" to justify it and it was an absolute blast!
  • Saturday night Johanna and I went and watched the Lockhart playoff game against Beaumont Central. We got to hang with our peeps Jmob, Clay, and Meg which is always awesome. We also got to see a lot of friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Good times.
  • Today at TCC was C-R-A-Z-Y! With less than 10 minutes before our first service we lost all power. It was INSANE. But it didn't even faze our team. They just jumped into action, set up a "sanctuary" in the lobby which had light from several big windows, and we had an incredible service. I will say this again: Our team is AMAZING!
  • The TCC band was fantastic today. Not only did they pull off an incredible unplugged service with no power or electricity, but then turned around in our second service (with power back on) and ROCKED OUT the song Satisfy Me by Decemberradio. It was by far my favorite song they've ever done! Great job band!

Like I said...crazy weekend. I'm exhausted and now pumped about getting to see family and take a breath with Thanksgiving this week. And with Thanksgiving in mind, I'll be posting each day this week about things I'm thankful for, so check it out throughout the week.

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