C3 Three Thoughts - Ed Young & Bil Corneilus

Here's some more highlights of last week's C3 Conference:

Ed Young – Second Session
  1. Being a preacher is like giving birth on Sunday, only to turn around and find out your pregnant again on Monday.
  2. When we try to be responsible for people’s response we are guaranteed to end up despondent and depressed.
  3. One of the best ways to get out of a funk is to focus on others and help someone in need.

Bil Cornelius

  1. The lack of prayer in the pastoral leadership of the church is an epidemic.
  2. Someone has been dealt worse cards than you in life and in ministry, and they’re winning with them.
  3. The problem with our ministries is that we’re so focused on people showing up for our services that we’re not showing up before the Father on behalf of the people.

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