C3 Three Thoughts

Here's the final installment of C3 Three Thoughts. Ch-ch-check it out:

Jentzen Franklin – Second Session
  1. You don’t know if you have a servant’s heart until you see how you act when you are treated like one.
  2. We need to be addicted to the ministry of the saints. Are we addicted to what Jesus died for?
  3. God blesses where His reputation is safe.

Tommy Barnett

  1. If you don’t have some cigarette butts around your church, you don’t have much of a church.
  2. For far too long the church has been a club where you have to believe the values and rules before you belong.
  3. We need churches where belonging leads to believing.

Steven Furtick

  1. Jesus is not our homeboy. He is the ruling, reigning, enthroned King of Kings and He deserves our honor.
  2. Jesus didn’t die on a brutal cross so that we could shop and hop from church to church like we’re sampling a party platter.
  3. As this younger generation of church leaders does more and does better than those who went before us, we need to remember that we stand on their shoulders and that they took the shots that we didn’t have to take. They deserve our honor.

Craig Groeshel

  1. Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you.
  2. When you have the approval of God you don’t need the approval of men.
  3. There is a bigger church in you when you get over what they think.

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