The Weekend Update - Love Edition...

This past weekend was all about Valentine's Day, dubbing this weekend update as "The Love Edition." Here's the recap:
  • Johanna and I spent Friday morning consumed with all things baby. First, we had our last monthly check-up. Everything looks great at this point. And I say last "monthly" checkup because since Jo is now less than 10 weeks from the due date, she now has check-ups with her doctor every other week. After the check-up, we did some baby shopping and think we may have finally found a crib!
  • Friday night myself, Zak, our executive Pastor, and Bryan, one of our worship leaders & my right hand man in our Student Ministry, all surprised our wives with a night out at The Melting Pot in Austin. The food was incredible. The experience was amazing. And the people we shared it with were even better than that. And talk about three guys who married way out of their leagues...
  • Saturday was a pretty lazy day. Hung out around the house and did some stuff there. Then Johanna made me a Valentine's meal on Saturday night that was absolutely fantastic. She is an amazing cook and really outdid herself this time.
  • Sunday we continued our series Rock of Love at TCC. Cole talked about purity and I'll say this about the message: Anytime the pastor models a pole dance, you know it's a good sermon. My favorite quote from the sermon came when Cole was talking about how there is no such thing as safe sex, because "you can't put a condom on your hear." Priceless.
  • That about wraps up our weekend. As you can see, the weekend involved lots-o-love.

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