The Faces of My Best Gift (Part 3)

(This is Part 3 of a 3 Blog Series. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Each year at Timber Ridge Church, we receive a Christmas offering called My Best Gift. Basically, as a church we commit to giving our very best, most extravagant, most expensive gift to Jesus and His church. That means if we buy a $100 toy for the kids, we give $101 to the Kingdom. If we spend $300 on our spouse, we give at least $301 to the Kingdom. 

Our goal as a church this year is $30,000. 100% of the funds from this offering go toward church planting and global engagement. Through the My Best Gift offering, our church is able to make a significant impact for God's Kingdom in Texas and around the world. 

I wanted to share with you some people who are directly impacted by our My Best Gift offering:

Meet the children of San Sa Ho. San Sa Ho is the school we have adopted in SaPa, Vietnam. Through engagement and serving in SaPa and with these children, we are sharing life-changing love with these kids. One of the projects that My Best Gift pays for is to provide gate and fence to provide protection for the school from accidents that happen along the mountainside. Proper gates & fencing allows for the children to learn and live in a safe and secure environment.

As Timber Ridgers, when we give, we are raising the standard of living for these children in a very real and practical way. And we're showing them the life-changing love that's been shown to us in the process.

(If you attend Timber Ridge & would like more info on My Best Gift, or would like to contribute online, you canclick here.)

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